how to fight cannibalism

In the last post, I mentioned a revered cannibal. Let's talk about that him today.

Alferd Packerd.

He entered my world long before I was aware of his contributions to Colorado history. The chancellors at the University of Colorado thought it was "cute" to name the main cafeteria after the people eater.

To provide a brief account, A.P. got lost near what is now the town of Lake City in the winter of 1874. He attempted to guide 5 men to the mines in Breckenridge. But they would never quite make it there.

Traveling during a blizzard was a lousy idea.

In the face of certain death by starvation, Alferd murdered and ate his cronies.  

I imagine that it was not a fun decision but necessitated by survival.

It is sad. No one thinks that they will ever go by the way of being eating by another human. I hold the dear belief that no one should ever have to come to such a macabre end. There are more grisly details that you should be aware of:

1. Packerd was said to have a really high pitched and whiney voice, making him more creepy.

2. He took the money off the people he killed and lived like a prince until the townsfolk became suspicious.

3. After being found guilty, the judge said to Alferd "I sentence you to be hanged by the neck until you are dead, dead, dead." It wasn't an echo. The repeating of 'dead' was for theatrics.

After skiing Lake City , I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the massacre site of Israel Swan, Shannon Wilson Bell, George Noon, James Humphrey and Frank Miller.

To get to the pine shaded memorial site, it is necessary to drive down the neighbor's driveway. There is a little fenced off area where the bones were found. A sun bleached sign reveals the consequences of when people don't bring enough snacks on adventures.

It is a bit underwhelming for such a sensational story. But above the little fenced in area, there is a reminder that this is private property. There is a charming cartoon Alferd that lets you know to just go ahead and ease on back.


There are more cartoon depictions of our favorite cannibal. Turns out that Lake City has its own Alferd Packer Saloon where I took this nice photo of myself with AP.

Is the purpose of this mirror to urge us all to acknowledge the cannibal within?


It is intentional to portray Mr. Packerd as a drawing. It's disarming. Now we can chew bubble gum and name eating establishments after him. We forgive Alferd. 

A couple of final notes - bring enough snacks on long journeys. Avoid traveling in the winter. Stay away from real AP, but it is ok to hang out with his cartoon.

So now, tell me, do you have any good ideas of how to ward off cannibals?