how to have an affair to remember

I am not talking about something scandalous.

I am talking about a party.

This weekend I went to an exclusive event called "Sleds and Kegs" or "Sledz-n-Kegz." During days previous, shirtless men worked tirelessly digging, compacting, smoothing, and piling snow to create an ice luge course. The course was built for speed and even had a tunnel. The tunnel was created by resting a piece of plywood over a deeply carved section of the luge.


Party goers, wearing an assortment of strange clothing, sat on plastic discs called sleds. They connected themselves to one another by wrapping their legs around the civilian seated in front of them. The train of sledders was bound for glory.

I was not immune to the charms of sledding. I could not resist, and I sledded for about two hours straight. I even told a child at the gathering to find their own sled. I really couldn't get enough.

Yes the party had music (DJ!) and beer (I brought my own in a backpack). But really it was all about sledding with friends, and laughing when people slid over the berms. There was one girl with a forehead wound, but I would say overall people were safe and definitely not sorry.