county bounty

My Dad always had rules for road trips, most notably, that there was no way to cross the highway for any sort of gas or food stops. Left hand turns were strictly forbidden. Left hand turns only added time and frustration.

As one can imagine, this limited the selection of possible restaurants or truck stops. It didn't matter if I loved A&W and the only thing that could assuage my thirst was a root beer. I was forced into Taco Bell, it being on a right exit, and a Cheesy Gordita Crunch. These are the kinds of hardships I faced as a child.

But! There was an exception to the wrong side of the highway rules, and that place was the County Bounty, on Highway 50 in Salida, Colorado.

The County Bounty, established in 1932, has been the Singleton down-home-country-eaten-place for as long as I can remember. I think my Dad is partial to this eatery, because it has a gift shop attached, as well as fine pleather booths. Who else out there thinks booths are the ultimate seating?

Back to the quaint gift shoppe, Papa likes it because he has some place to go to entertain himself after ordering sausage links. It is freeing to be able to slide out of the old booth and go peruse knives in hand-crafted leather carrying cases. This beats waiting for a meal. Imagine the joy of returning from shopping and food awaits!

I recently took my friend Keegan to the 'Bounty to see if he would also enjoy a decent, well priced meal, coming straight from a countrified kitchen. I was so happy to see the pie case complete with larger than life meringues. I have big regrets that I did not give into the sweet sweet lemon meringue temptation. Of course, Keegan loved his unrefined country spread, and I reckon he didn't mind the gift shop either.

My favorite keepsake at the County Bounty store was a hand painted wooden sign spreading an important message. I'll leave this little gem of wisdom behind.

"My heart says CHOCOLATE but my jeans say....For the love of God woman eat a salad."