opening up in sedona part 1

Sedona, Arizona is a picture perfect southwestern town with tall red rocks surrounding a valley filled with junipers, ponderosa pines, and but of course, the friendly animals of the forest. I did not see any of these friends, but it would be a delightful place to live, so I'm sure they are there. 

For people that care about geology, oh wait, that's just me, it is the product of millions of years of deposition and differential erosion. Go ahead and thank iron (Fe) for that red rusty color.

Many people, from every curve of the globe, come to visit these fine rocks and maybe also enjoy some fajitas. 

In addition to fajitas, hiking, jeeping and biking, there is an innate something to Sedona that mystifies visitors, locals, and extra terrestrials alike. What is it?

Do you mind waiting just a little bit longer to find out?

Ok, just a second, let me pull out this scroll.

It's just going to take a moment to unfurl.

It's written here at the bottom.

Here it is. The print is really small. 


Vortex: a location where spirals of energy either leave or enter the earth

One place to dip a toe in the energy whirlpool, is Cathedral Rock. After a fun hike, of easy rock climbing, I arrived at a lookout where a surly sign informed me that this was it. End of trail. Turn around. I did not follow directions, instead I worked my way to the left, and climbed up to a little ledge where there were a lot fewer people. 

Up on this smooth rock, several humans who presumably just met, were talking.

"A vortex is like a wifi hot spot"
"You can experience a vortex anywhere, you just have to be present."
"Is it hard to climb down to that spot below?"
"This is a beautiful piece of geology."

It got quiet. I closed my eyes and laid down on my backpack. I'm sad to report that I did not personally experience any sort of spiritual transformation or opening of my heart. I was very content to be in Sedona amongst the beautiful gigantic sedimentary rocks. That seemed like enough for me.

We decided to down climb to the ledge below to look up at Cathedral Rock and take some final photos. Out of the blue Sedona sky, a man above us began to sing. And he sung, like meant it. I wasn't sure at the time if he was making it up the lyrics as he went along. His voice reverberated on the canyon walls, but at the same time, I am not saying he had a good voice. It did not sound like Justin Bieber.

"Sunlight, share your warmth with us
Cast golden rays upon us
Shining through the clouds
Sharing energy with us
Reflecting our light back to us
Oh mighty sun
You are a beautiful star in heaven"

This part is hard for me to write. The quality of the singing was uninspiring. I didn't know exactly how to feel about someone singing like that, unprompted, in public. 

But there was something really special about a fellow person  being moved enough to just go for it, not worried what others thought. I think with his appreciation of those magic sun rays, he opened up that vortex for me.