morris the saurus

While looking for arrowheads in the hills surrounding Gunnison, Colorado, two college students came across an exposed dinosaur bone in 1970. 

Now, a scapula, four tail vertebrae, and pieces of a rib from this Apatosaurus are displayed in a glass case on Western State College campus under the less than pleasing flickering of fluorescent light. They are also in the basement, just in case you were wondering.

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where moth and rust destroy

I wondered if there was anywhere that I walked, any square foot of land, that no one else had.  I believed somewhere in my fenced wild backyard, there was a place, a coveted square of pristine virginal land. I realized later, as I got taller and took more steps, that this piece of grass, rocks, or dirt was not located within the confines of my backyard. 

Where are the places of no human footprints?

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fortune telling in sedona

My friend and I got the wild notion to get our auras read, but wanted to be smart about it.

We didn't want some tea leaf reader taking advantage of us. So we set a budget. The budget for this endeavor was $20. Imagine our dismay, when we found out the going rate for this service is $30. We had no choice but to make up a weak excuse about how we might be back later. I didn't want to tell the metaphysical lady that I didn't think that a special photograph of me in wacky colors and the 28 page legend of what it all meant was worth it.

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